CF97 Sirens NFL Draft predictions – How did they do?

I asked fellow CF97 Sirens, who are also big football fans, to let me in on why they’re so excited about NFL Draft 2016, what they’re least excited for, and who or what type of player they hope their team drafts. Take a look at what they had to say and also find out if their teams drafted the players they were all hoping for.


Susan is a Cleveland native and a diehard Browns fan. #DawgPound | Photo credit: Susan

Who: Susan

Team: Cleveland Browns

Why she was most excited about the draft: I’m pumped on the trade picks they made, but I’m a realist. Just because we have the potential to make good choices, we never do.

Why she is least excited about the draft: Drafting a quarterback. Especially that kid from North Dakota. Get out of here. I’m also skeptical of the team building as a whole.

The type of player she was hoping the Browns would sign: I would love anyone from Ohio State, being my alma mater and all. However, one guy isn’t going to do the trick. It’s the same thing the Cavs struggled with. LeBron James isn’t going to do it himself. Ezekiel Elliot isn’t going to do it himself. We need a TEAM. They need to look deeper than physical stats and see how players perform together. Unselfish and fit.

How being a Browns’ fan compares to being a fan of Chicago Fire: I have lived my whole life shaking my head in my hands because I’m a Browns fan. But it goes both ways. I love it and will always be a Browns fan. That’s what makes Cleveland fans different. Go tailgate at a home game mid-season where we are 2-8, the intensity and passion will still be there. It’s one of the most amazing things.

So who did the Browns draft?

The Browns didn’t get any players from Ohio State like Susan had hoped. They received an A grade on their draft picks at The same website also noted that they were the center of attention at the NFL Draft with all the trades they made.

Cleveland drafted 14 new players including a wide receiver – this was a position that needed to be filled. They also selected Cody Kessler as the sole quarterback out of all 14 draftees. Reports say he isn’t exactly what the team needs to fill that role, but Susan is going to try to be optimistic with this pick.

Violet wears here love for Chicago sports on her sleeve. Go, Chicago! Go, Bears! | Photo credit: Violet

Who: Violet

Team: Chicago Bears

Violet’s been a fan of the Bears…  I have been a fan of the Bears since I can remember. Born and raised in Chicago, I grew up obsessed with sports and naturally cheered them on. I’m not HUGE on football but I am an overall Chicago fan. So I definitely root on Da Bears!  

Why she was most excited about the draft: I am mainly excited about the fun at the draft tomorrow. I enjoyed it last year and it’s supposed to be bigger this year!

Who she was hoping the Bears would sign: DeForest Buckner

Why she is least excited about the draft: The least exciting thing about the draft would be if Buckner was selected by another team.  I’d be disappointed, especially since I’m so hyped on him now.

How being a Bears’ fan compares to being a fan of Chicago Fire: The similarities are that they are both from Chicago. I grew up loving sports that it became my life. The sights and sounds of the stadium is amazing to me. So I enjoyed watching all the Chicago teams.

My dad is a huge soccer fan, but never pushed us towards it. He got tickets for the Fire’s inaugural game and we went as a family. We all just fell in love with the team and never stopped going. I don’t think we can really explain it. It just became our passion.

How did Chicago do in the NFL Draft? 

The Bears did not draft Buckner, instead, he was drafted by San Francisco 49ers at No. 7 overall. (Sorry, Violet.)

Chicago did draft nine players overall. As reported by the NFL, “Chicago needed a pass rusher in the worst way, and Vic Fangio found one in Floyd. Not everyone is sold on his ability to be an elite player, however. Normally, giving up a fourth-round pick wouldn’t be a big deal; in this deep draft, that’s like giving up a starter.”

Image via:

Who: Jenn


Team: Green Bay Packers

How long has Jenn been a fan of the Packers: I’m guessing since about 1984, when I was in 5th grade.  So, 32 years – my teen years growing up in Chicago were brutal.

I became a Packer because I was very resentful that my dad would sit in the car on Sundays and listen to the Bears, instead of coming into the gym to see me play volleyball.  So my aunts, who are Packer fans, took that opportunity to pounce and pull me over to their side.  I never looked back.

Why she was most excited about the draft:  Honestly, I never overthink the draft…what I look forward to is seeing who Ted Thompson and his scouts think will fit in well with the Packers.  As a hard-core sports fan, it feels weird even typing that, but it’s well noted that the Packers have more players they drafted on their roster than ANY other team by far.  They don’t dip their toes in the free-agent pool often and I like that.  There have been rumors this season that Mike McCarthy, their head coach, disagrees with the strategy but it’s worked.

Why Packers’ fans don’t sweat the draft:Since 2005, Thompson has built the Packers’ infrastructure through the NFL draft. He’s gained respect across the league, former Cleveland Browns general manager Phil Savage said, for his ability to find gems who competitors overlook.” (Packers News)

Who she was hoping the Packers would sign: The Packers are pretty deep but tend to get torn apart by injuries.  They say Jordy Nelson is on track for a return, so I’m less concerned with WRs than I was.  I suppose if I had to wish for anything – a good center and defensive linemen or some big men to replace the lovable BJ Raji.

Who did the Packers draft?

Green Bay fulfilled Jenn’s  wishes with their first round draft pick, Kenny Clark of UCLA, who will likely play as a defensive lineman.

Additionally, Green Bay didn’t pick up the center that Jenn had wanted, they did, however, pick up Jason Spriggs from Indiana in the second round. Spriggs will likely be challenging the current offensive linemen for a job of protecting Packers’ quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, in a few years time.

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