Where there’s hope, there’s Fire

The Chicago Fire take on the Montreal Impact Saturday at Toyota Park. If you’re just tuning into the season, here’s a quick overview of what’s happening in the Fire World to get you ready for the game.

The good + unexpected news

Designated players

Designated players should be the hottest players on the pitch. Right? Right. That might not be the case with the Fire’s DP’s. Here’s a look at their productivity by the numbers:

  • David Accam: Two goals in the 180 minutes of two games he has played
  • Kennedy Igboananike: Two goals in the 414 minutes of five games he has played; he scored the only game-winning goal of the 2016 season for the Fire on April 2 against the Philadelphia Union.
  • Gilberto: Zero goals in the 308 minutes of four games played

Accam is fast, but how fast is he?

If Accam is as fast as his FIFA 16 stats say he is, then he is tied for fifth fastest player in the MLS. On top of that, out of 14,000 FIFA 16 ranked players, Accam ranks in the top 5 percent of quickest players. That’s pretty quick, and his goal against Orlando City proves it.

Keep an eye out for Accam starting at the 47th second of the video.

While as a Fire fan it’s fun to talk about Accam’s speed, it’s even more fun to watch him. Unfortunately, our No. 11 has been sidelined due to injury since his game-tying goal against Orlando FC on March 11. And as reported by Mount Royal Soccer, “other than Accam’s pace … the Fire’s attack doesn’t have very much to offer.”

Talk about a dry spell…

  • The Fire haven’t won a game on the road since July 12, 2014, when they defeated New England Revolution 1-0. This past Sunday they tied the MLS record for longest road winless streak.

Goals win games

Defense wins championships

  • On a positive note, the Fire haven’t had a goal scored against them in 356 minutes.

Do Fire fans still have hope?

Illustration: Michael Nowicki

In supporter news:


Chicago Fire vs Montreal Impact match previews:



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